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Virtual Events

Calling on our friends in the EVENT INDUSTRY! Virtual e-meetings have been on the rise over the years, but with the COVID-19 Pandemic, there's been an acceleration and transition to virtual and remote events to adapt and pivot to accommodate social distancing.

As a Promotional Merchandise company, we've had to rethink our approach for helping our client partners within the Events Industry. Is your company moving towards online meet-ups? Virtual races? Mini employee getaways? Virtual trade shows? We're here to help you get back your platform, provide event swag, and market and sell to your customers!

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Read how technology giant Microsoft sent out swag to their virtual conference attendees:





Masks Are Here To Stay


Marry your brand to the cause. Let's be SAFE and STYLISH!


The mandate for masks is growing across North America. Ontario, Quebec and Newfoundland have already made masks mandatory indoors.

We know masks reduce the risk to others, and we believe that we have a social responsibility to wear them when we can.

It's a fight together, and it's a fight to stay safe. ðŸ˜·Stay safe while keeping your brand top of mind


Your Brand Deserves the WERX!


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