Core Values

 BrandingWERX is defined by its people and we have the best. Our team embodies the same set of core values. These values define the foundation of how we operate both personally and professionally in everything that we do. These core values allow us to be our best selves every day. They are the foundation of our corporate culture.


INITIATIVE/OWNERSHIP – Take ownership in your thoughts, your ideas, your wins, and your losses. Always do your best!


RESPECT – Respect yourself and respect of others will follow naturally


INTEGRITY – Act with integrity, always!


INSPIRE – Embrace your ability to do something creative


LEARN/TEACH/GROW – The smartest people have a zest for knowledge. Embrace learning, share what you learn and that will in turn create a pathway for growth


COMMUNICATE – Communicate respectfully and clearly. Say exactly what you mean


TEAMWORK/COLLABORATION  Working together to achieve a common goal productively and efficiently.


CREATIVITY/INNOVATION – work toward continuous improvement. Challenge yourself everyday.


TRUST – Earn the belief, reliability and truth in someone or something.


TRANSPARENCY – Be honest and open, always!


PAY IT FORWARD – Acts of kindness without reciprocity makes us better human beings. 



Your brand deserves the WERX!



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