During our formative years, weekends and school breaks were spent gathered around a modest black-and-white television in a cozy showroom in Toronto, surrounded by promotional merchandise. Little did we realize at the time that those moments bore witness to the inception of not only a thriving family business, but also cultivated our profound affinity and deep-seated affection for promotional merchandise. It can be asserted with confidence that the essence of promotional products courses through our veins. 

Fast forward to the present day, and that enduring legacy lives on!

Welcome to BrandingWERX. A dynamic collective of promotional professionals characterized by ingenuity, vitality, innovation, dedication, and remarkable creativity. With a cumulative experience exceeding 45 years, our mission is steadfast: to empower organizations in their brand-building endeavors through the strategic deployment of promotional merchandise solutions.

Simply put - we’re on a mission to help companies build brands through merchandise!

Your brand deserves the WERX!

Richard & Lindsay                                           


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