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Branded Apparel & Uniforms 

No better way to reinforce your brand and build pride than great wearable merchandise decorated with your brand or logo. We utilize the most innovative and appropriate decorating techniques to make sure each brand looks it’s best. Whether it’s a company uniform program, golf tournament giveaway, tradeshow branding designed for visibility and professionalism, decorated apparel is highly appreciated and “WERX”. Your clients love branded wearable merchandise!

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Awards and RecognitionWERX


Culture is everything! It’s so important for a company to acknowledge customers and employee milestones. You can recognize exceptional performance and encourage specific values or behavior using branded merchandise. Let’s work to recognize your employees, vendor network, dealer network and customers together. 

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Company StoreWERX


Online & Inventory Stores

Control your branding, ordering and spend. We are experts in providing and creating online company stores for your branded merchandise with or without inventory. Pop up stores designed to easily facilitate group ordering throughout your organization with ease. BrandingWERX utilizes the most advanced technologies customizable for your specific needs. Nobody does it better!


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BrandingWERX offers turnkey solutions including, but not limited to: new product development, direct mail campaigns, kitting and fulfillment, product and literature fulfillment, warehouse and storage, inventory and reporting, drop shipping." We can handle it all because we know “CustomWERX”.

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Promotional merchandise makes people happy. Incorporating branding through merchandise into your tradeshows and events is guaranteed to increase attendee traffic and give you an advantage over your competition. Attendees are more likely to remember the name of the company that gave them promotional merchandise. The right merchandise makes all the difference. BrandingWERX will get you maximum bang for your buck. 


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Corporate gifts are one of the best ways to say thank you to your customers, employees, vendors or any target audience. Great choices and excellent execution make all the difference between a successful campaign and failure. Your corporate gift says everything about your company and the relationship you have with your client. Entrust your special clients and influencers with our team at BrandingWERX 


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Office Essentials

Working from home? Working from the office? Clients working from home? Reinforce your support for your customers, employees, vendors and more with fabulous promotional merchandise. Office essentials are designed to show off your brand in the workspace environment and make the work experience better. 


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Some call it SWAG, we call it BrandingWERX! Branded merchandise connects brands with people through enticing and desirable promotional merchandise choices. Branded merchandise is the most highly regarded form of advertising delivering the most impactful and cost-effective advertising medium available. Unlike traditional forms of advertising, promotional merchandise “REMAINS TO BE SEEN”. Nobody does it better!


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Enhance your promotion with custom packaging. We create and develop retail inspired custom packaging, printed ribbon, tissue, gift wrap and more to deliver more pop. It’s all in the packaging. “PackagingWerx!”  

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We help with all your print needs. Stationary, posters, displays, signage, banners and more. “PrintWERX” and we know it!


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We know branding through merchandise fosters goodwill and positive perceptions among people, so why use them solely for customers? BrandingWERX will help you get both employees and prospective employees excited about your company. If you want to attract top talent, you must work hard to impress prospective employees. Positive impressions go both ways and we all know, you never get a second chance to make a first impression!


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Health & Safety has always been especially important in the corporate world. Today, it's more crucial than ever. BrandingWERX can help make your workplace safe with the right products tailored to your specific needs. We have an unparalleled and complete range of PPE, First Aid and other health and safety related products to serve your needs. 


Developing strategies to reward and encourage safety in the workplace is a great way to boost moral. You can promote employee's involvement in the company's safety and health management program by offering accolades and/or recognition. Let us help your companies culture flourish."


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Consider us the missing link to your marketing team. We offer strategic services and we can be as involved as you want us to be. We can assist with all your promotional marketing objectives. We can help with campaign and project planning, assist with logo and brand development, provide creative art development, virtual mock-ups, prototypes, copywriting, translation services and so much more. BrandingWERX is the complete package 


Your brand deserves the WERX! 

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