Did you know? 

Promotional merchandise connects and reinforces brands with people.  

An advertiser’s logo and/or message on great promotional merchandise makes lasting impressions like no other ad medium. The wrong choices do the opposite. 

Promotional merchandise is the most highly regarded form of advertising, and the most impactful cost-effective advertising medium.

Across all promotional merchandise, the average length of time an item is kept is approximately one year and that’s before an item is passed hand to hand. That’s a lot of impressions! 

85% of consumers remember who gave them the promotional merchandise they received. In many cases, the brand messaging is reinforced daily. 

Promotional merchandise makes people feel good! Consumers are nearly 2.5x more likely to have a positive opinion of promotional merchandise compared to internet and other forms of advertising. 

Branding "WERX" and your brand deserves the WERX! 

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