I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to Kerri Parrett and the Brandingwerx team for their outstanding work on creating the unique ‘Survivor Buffs’ for our Ski conference in Vail, Colorado. From the initial design concept to selecting the perfect type of buffs and making a compelling case for why we need to choose them, Kerri Parrett's individual contributions were instrumental in each step.

Months after the event, attendees are still reaching out and requesting these swag items. The buffs and unique socks were photographed well and received numerous compliments for their excellent quality. Our event wouldn't have been the same without Kerri and her team's dedication and expertise.

Thank you, Kerri, for exceeding our expectations and being a pleasure to work with. We are forever grateful and will return as happy clients for future events.


  • Fay E
  • May 16



Have I ever told you what an inspiration you are? You are—BY FAR—the best in the business!


When people ask me who to call for their branding needs, I look at them in complete shock and ask, “Haven’t you heard about KP?!”


Then I explain…


She’s the “Pro” of promo! The “Brass Band” of brand! The “Snake Eyes” of merchandise! The “Heir” of wares! The “Bach” of stock! The “Peer” of gear! The “Hall & Oates” of shawls and coats. The “Benz” of pens! The “Gourmet” of takeaway! The “Max” of packs! The “Kingpin” of lapel pins! The “Duke” of toques! The “Dish” of squish! The “Fast Lane” of chains! The “Top of the Pops” of tanks and tops! The “Goldcrest” of the bold vest! The “Fireplug” of the coffee mug! The “Genie” of beanies! The “Top Banana” of shop bandanas!


No matter what curveball I throw at you, you make it happen.


Sending you a HUGE SMILE!

  • DK
  • May 09

Shelley is our point with BrandingWerx.


She is incredibly responsive, listens to the scope of what you want her to research and offers additional suggestions to consider that might be the latest/coolest/something you may not have thought of.

  • Jessica C
  • May 09

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rich Arluk countless times over the last decade. He’s a terrible friend because he’s always working, but he’s the best branded merchandise professional out there. It’s in his DNA thanks to Victor Arluk. His attention to detail and strategic sourcing ability is second to none. He will get you 20k frisbees, 10k pedometers, 100 hoodies, 40k masks, or 20 gallons of hand sanitizer while heading up the Gondola at Whistler. My expectations are high and Rich won’t compromise when it comes to meeting the needs of his clients. #truestory #promoguru #onwards #slapdabasemon

Marc D - Vancouver

  • Marc D
  • May 11, 2020

I am so grateful for the support that the BrandingWERX team has provided. Whether we have long lead time or short, Richard was on the ball and offering value-added solutions. His desire to meet our needs is unsurpassed and I would recommend BrandingWERX to anyone looking for turn-key and creative solutions for their business.

  • Michelle M
  • Toronto
  • Aug 17, 2022
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