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Welcome to BrandingWERX. A dynamic collective of promotional professionals characterized by ingenuity, vitality, innovation, dedication, and remarkable creativity. With a cumulative experience exceeding 45 years, our mission is steadfast: to empower organizations in their brand-building endeavors through the strategic deployment of promotional merchandise solutions.

Simply put - we’re on a mission to help companies build brands through merchandise!

Your brand deserves the WERX!

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  • Case Study: Wave Hello to Promotions

    Case Study: Wave Hello to Promotions

    Description: Custom Wave Cap Industry: Automotive What it was purchased for: The client was looking for a signature cap that would be unique, high-quality, and something that the recipient wo...

  • Bring on the Barbecue!

    Bring on the Barbecue!

    We're pretty sure that no matter where you are in the world, that summer time = barbecue time! There's nothing like chatting away with your friends and family in the backyard under twinkle lights, ...


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